Are our educational facilities adequate, where do you think they could be improved? 



When big housing developments are built, developers are required to provide funding to help ensure education facilities in the area can cope with any extra pupils.

Staffordshire County Council has obtained funding in this way and more is due as the major Bloor/Persimmon estate off Norton Hall Lane continues.

This funding is all targeted at improvements to primary education as the County Council says Norton Canes High School has sufficient capacity to accommodate additional pupils.

Jerome School on Chapel Street is the nearest of the two primary schools to the new housing estate but its site is smaller than Norton Canes Primary Academy.

The role of the Neighbourhood Plan on this subject is limited to ensuring education needs are met in a way which enables all the children of Norton Canes to reach their potential.

We also want to make sure Norton Canes High School has a secure future.

We will do this by engaging with the county council and finding out what education improvements they think are required to serve the population of Norton Canes.