Forensic marking for village

The Parish Council are taking forward an initiative for giving residents the opportunity to have their personal belongings in their home forensically marked.  This is an Project in liaison with the County Council to offer this facility to those residents who have been affected by burglaries in the past and also those people who are vulnerable. The Parish Council has 60 sets of equipment to distribute free of charge and letters have been sent to those residents who have been identified as meeting the criteria.  This will take place later in November and during December.

As part of an ongoing Project the Parish Council are keen to offer this to other residents and under Phase 2 of the Scheme there will be an opportunity for anyone interested in having this in their own homes to purchase the equipment at a reduced cost.  The process is very simple and has proved very successful in other areas of the District reducing the number of burglaries.  This is also seen as a deterrent to burglars as notices will be put around the village to state that this is system is in the village.  It has also been known to offer householders a reduction in their home insurance if they have their items marked in this way.

If you are interested in receiving further information about this Project please contact the Clerk, Parish Office, Burntwood Road, Norton Canes, Cannock on 01543 276812 (Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) or alternatively email