Staffordshire Police

Neighbourhood team

The Norton Canes neighbourhood team include police sergeants, constables, police community support officers (PCSOs) and special constables, who work closely with local authority colleagues to make your community an even safer place to live.


It’s easy to keep in touch with your local beat bobby or PCSO via their digital Airwave radio.

  • dial 0300 123 2345 and listen to the instructions
  • when prompted enter their Airwave number (shown next to their photo)
  • a recorded message asks you to ‘state your name so the call can be announced’ – just say your name so the officer knows who’s calling

If the officer is on duty, their radio rings like a mobile phone and you’ll be connected. If they’re off duty or dealing with victims, witnesses or offenders, your call goes to the officer’s individual voicemail box.



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